Cutting edge technology. We focus on innovation that makes a recognizable difference in the performance of our rods and their quality, yet still retaining a high degree of practicality.

Hybrid Guide System

Filament winding has been an integral part of an Airrus rod from the very beginning. Filament winding affords an unlimited degree of design flexibility do to the fact that winding angles can be altered inch by inch and layer by layer along the length of the mandrel. This allows us to design the flex pattern of the filament wound section of the blank with angle differentiation rather than mandrel taper.


The Megaphone Effect was first recognized during the development of the Tradition series as an increased sensitivity in the grip do to the integral nature of the blank and grip.  During the development of the Puls-R a similar vibration transfer was realized in the grip, however in this instance the vibrations travelling down the blank reverse direction at the internal point of contact inside the grip allowing them to flow forward through the grip. We call this Reverse Vibration Transfer or RVT for short. In either, case just like the shape of a megaphone enhances sound the shape of the grip on the Puls-R, Tradition and now our Nano Fusion series enhances the vibrations emanating from the blank.

The multimodulus blanks are engineered & designed on a combination of multi-modulus prepregs and tapers focused on providing the ultimate fishing experience. We are now able to produce technique-specific rods with each segment of the blank working with its own softness/elasticity/strength but in harmony with the other ones. The soft tip allows longer casts, ultimate bait control and presentation, at the same time, the rods maintain an unsurpassed fighting ability with a blank which gets stiffer as the load increases

The 3rd generation ZDH raised microguide  is the result of the design cooperation between Airrus and Kigan and it's the best casting guide system to reduce line friction, by using a very small ring on a slanting, raised frame, which reduces the angle created by the line released by the reel with the first guide. This concept allows to use with great success lines of over 20lb test, which is impossible for standard microguide systems, and lets the leader knots pass thru easily.


Bucky Paper and Carbon Nano Tube Layering. The Blank Technology of the Future. This is an exclusive and proprietary process initially covered by a Provisional patent which describes the method by which various areal weights of Bucky Paper are strategically placed within the Nano Fusion blank to achieve the desired performance and design criteria. When used in conjunction with our third generation exclusive nano tube resin system and the flexibility of being able to have prepreg made to our specifications as far as resin loading and filament modulus. At this point Airrus has but scratched the surface as to where this interacting nano technology can take rod and blank science in the future, but as usual Airrus has again positioned itself on the cutting edge and you our valued customer will be its benefactor.


The AOS Design gives several advantages that are not possible with a conventional blank design. The structure of the blank have an increased diameter but it uses the same amount of material, that's possible thanks to the blank structure, made by three different blends of carbon fibers oriented in three different directions. This design, allows the rod to have an unprecedented torsional and vertical strenght and an incredible compression resistance, the main effect is a very powerful hook-setting capability. The diameter and additional space in the blank creates what we call "IME". The Integrated Megaphone Effect is the next evolutionary step of our megaphone technology. The sounding-board effect of the blank increases drastically the vibration transmission, creating an extremely sensitive rod, mantaining the lightweight structure.

The overall result of the AOS Design is an unconventional yet incredibly performing fishing rod. 

One of the most critical parts of a fishing rod blank is the tip. It creates the action, it's the last section of the rod that is responsible for the cast and the hook setting, it makes you feel better the bites and control the bait. When faced with the challenge of improving the existing blanks, we decided to develop a completely renewed tip. The goal was providing a superior casting distance and precision, even for smaller and lighter baits, improving the bait control and sensitivity. We realized a solid glass tip, using our own S2 fiber, capable of shredding the performances ever reached by a traditional, tubular tip. We created the V-Torsion tip. The softness of this tip combined with the underlying blank power, creates a combo of fantastic casting and sensitivity performances, and hook setting and fighting power capabilities. The material is incredibly strong and hard-wearing, thanks to the higher shock resistance and and lower thermal expansion and deformation.


In 2015, Airrus started developing some prototypes based on a new type of pre-preg with unusual characteristics. The tests showed surprising results in terms of blank lightness , torsional and compression resistance.  The efficiency of this new type of material is based on its  polyacrylonitrile resin that optimize the carbon fiber features. Airrus named it "Magma Polymer Technology" and it was applied on the Ultra-X and Bora Series.

Each cm2 of the blank section from the handle to the stripper guide counts 1.000 carbon filaments. The Shield gives an unmatchable hook setting and dragging power and it will provide a never seen fighting energy having a very low deformation under load.

The guide system is based on a hybrid scheme of anti-tangle guides with high termal dispersion rings and anti-corrosion inox frames, optimally sized for the transit of leader knots. The smaller sizes and the higher amount of guides imply a better precision and presentation ability and an increased sensitivity thanks to the greater amout of line contact, unmatchable by standard guide systems.



Magma Nanochain is an innovative technology that enables the formation of a continuous 3-D structure that precisely aligns the polymers in a nano-metric scale by suppressing the self-organization effect where they combine on their own upon mixing polymers. The effect of this new Airrus Nano-Tube resin is an overall increase in carbon fiber performance in terms of torsional, compression and impact resistance, which means a lighter yet more performing rod.

We studied e designed a never seen before SEMI-PENTAGONAL ERGONOMIC HANDLES for a larger support surface in key points. This allows more contact, less fatigue, and a better cast precision

We pushed ahead the technology and the design with revolutionary reel seats made in CARBON FIBER + POLYAMIDE.
Their ergonomics creates more contact surface with your hand and their material has a denser molecular structure. Additionally this blend generates more strength and hardness than a  conventional nylon-graphite or plastic reel seat.
The final result is a spinning or casting reel seat with an uncommon geometry, which is able to let you feel every vibration from the fishing line.
We called this own technology CARBON / POLYAMIDE INTERFUSION.

L.A.B.S. Lightweight Alloy Balance System totally custom made components and laser engraved metal parts, designed by AIRrus for every single model specifically. Some  L.A.B.S. have an important balance function because their weight, studied on every single model.