The Acciaio represents the Airrus rod series capable of facing the most tough fights. Every blank of these rods, with offset design, is realized with multimodular technology with a medium resin content and a mix or pre-pregs fibers made to pander powerful tractions from various attack angles. The handle of these rod is realized with two materials with different weight, grip and endurance. Eva for the low part, and Hypalon for the foregrip. This device, with a system that allows the foregrip to be bent, allows it to contribute to the fight with the fish in extreme situations, increasing the useful flex of the rod. The tip zone is made with an intermediate elasticity module, capable to throw at great distances lures that would appear too light for this class of rods. The fighting curve is progressive, the best way to efficiently wear down the big preys. The balancing, strategic for long and powerful rods as the Acciaio, rely on the laser engraved Labs components. The guide scheme is based on Fuji SiC KR series with Inox frame


tech spec

Spinning Length Power Action Lure Weight Line Weight Pieces Price  
AAC8015XHF-S 8'0" Extra Heavy Fast 5/8 - 3 1/2 20 - 80 lb 2 $ 399.99
AAC8415XXHF-S Tuna 8'4" XX-Heavy Fast 40 - 140 g PE #3.5-#6 2 $ 404.99
AAC8015XXHF-S 8'0" XX HEavy Fast 1 1/2 - 4 oz 40 - 90 lb 2 $ 359.99




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