Built to cast farther, to decrease the fighting time with the bigger preys. The module we used, gives the rod an unconventional quickness and allows the clear perception of the bite of the trout, with better vibration transmission compared to common Trout Area Game rods. A lower percentage of resins and a very high module Radial-Matrix blank mean better sensitivity and a sensible reduction of the blank swing during the castin, allowing longer and more precise casts. We designed a custom alloy + eva hood that combine a lightweight and low vibrations dampening material to the comfort of the eva. The Aria features anti-tangle KL-L Slim SiC guides by Fuji

Giant & Stream Series
The Airrus Aria Giant&Stream has been designed for trout game. Its action was optimized for stream style fishing and to face big trouts in creeks and in ponds. We focused our research on weight reduction, compared to traditional old style trout series rods, and on the blank reactivity in its central section. The tip keeps the typical action needed to set the hook on salmonids with reaction baits, like inline spinners, spoons, minnows. A lower percentage of resins in the pre-preg and the highest Radial Matrix module means more sensitivity and a consistent reduction in the swinging of the rod during the casting. Hybrid metal/eva foregrip that integrates the hood with the handle. SiC guides with anti-tangle frame to avoid line problems during the most violent casts.


tech spec

Spinning Length Power Action Lure Weight Line Weight Pieces Price  
A642ULFS-AC 6'4" Ultra Light Fast 1.5 - 4.5 g 1.5 - 4 lb 2 $ 249
A652ULFS-GES 6'5" Ultra Light Fast 2 - 6,5g 2 - 6lb 2 $ 249
A732ULFS-GES 7'3" Ultra Light Fast 2 - 6,5g 2 - 6lb 2 $ 249
A622ULFS-AP 6'2" Ultra Light Fast 0,9 - 3 g 1,5 - 3 lb 2 $ 249




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