The Airrus Zero establishes a completely new category of rods. In the realm of advanced ultra-light rods there is nothing like the Zero. Uncommon in length, tip action and power, the Zero is a rod developed to extract the best performances (with lures weighing 1/32nd to ¼ ounce) in all the situations where you need to understand, in real time, what the lure is doing underwater and how the fish is biting it. To obtain these results we used a hybrid solid tip, developed from the V-Torsion tip of our flagship rod the X-Entity, which allows the rod to have a never before seen “nimble” action in the tip section. This tip has a very low thermic expansion, saving it from breakage caused by a cold climate. It has an uncommon elastically soft action that doesn’t allow the fish to “feel” the rod weight during the bite. We used our Airrus Red to make the tip more visible in low light situations, and help the angler with bite perception. The blank is constructed with Multimodulous Radial Matrix carbon fiber technology, having different modules on different positions of the blank. The Zero is powered by X-Concept, an extremely researched ergonomics, with the goal being to create a rod that is more balanced, comfortable and lighter. The guide system, powered by Seaguide, is based on a semi-micro hybrid design to obtain greater sensitivity, lower prolific weight and ease the passage of knots.




tech spec

Spinning Length Power Action Lure Weight Line Weight Pieces Price  
Z762-SL 7'6" Light Medium-Fast 1/32 - 1/4 oz 2 - 8 lb 2 $ 259.99
Z762-SUL 7'6" Ultra Light Medium-Fast 1/32 - 3/16 oz 2 - 8 lb 2 $ 259.99
Z902-SL 9'0" Light Medium-Fast 1/32 - 1/4 oz 2 - 8 lb 2 $ 259.99


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