The X-Entity is a further step in the future of fishing rod performance, a rod that doesn't follow the common rules. Designed using an unconventional scheme and an unprecedented technology by Airrus, to realize an iconic rod. The blank was developed with different goals. The first was create an extremely powerful structure: we did it designing an oversized blank that uses different carbon fiber blends oriented in three different angles to increase torsional and vertical strenght and compression resistance. An additional result of this design is a very reactive blank with an incredible hook setting ability. This new oversize blank, called AOS, was designed using the same quantity of carbon fiber material but dramatically increasing the diameter: that allowed to mantain a lightweight structure increasing the flex strenght. A secondary effect of this design choice is what we call "IME" (integrated megaphone effect): you will feel faster and better the vibration because of the sounding-board effect that the diameter creates. We added to the main structure the new "V-Torsion" tip, a new concept of hybrid solid tip, developed with our own combination of S2 Fiber. The use of this innovative material develops an incredibly hard-wearing tip, with high shock resistance and low thermal expansion. Additionally it brings superior casting ability even with smaller lures, and superior sensitivity, letting you feel any bump, rock, obstacle that your bait touches. Imagine yourself casting a very light bait further and more precisely. Imagine yourself feeling every obstacle thanks to increased vibrations, moving the bait over it, feeling the slightest bite and then setting the hook with the extreme power and speed of the AOS backbone. That's the future.That's a reality. That's the X-Entity. That's now.


tech spec

Spinning Length Power Action Lure Weight Line Weight Pieces Price  
XE-S661-MF 6'6" Medium Fast 1/8 - 3/8 6 - 12 lb 1 $ 299.99
XE-S721-MLXF 7'2" Medium Light Extra-Fast 1/16 - 1/2 4 - 10 lb 1 $ 299.99
XE-C701-MMF 7'0" Medium Medium-Fast 3/16 - 5/8 6 - 15 lb 1 $ 299.99
XE-C731-MHMF 7'3" Medium Heavy Medium-Fast 1/4 - 1 8 - 20 lb 1 $ 299.99
XE-C731-HXF 7'3" Heavy Extra-Fast 1/4 - 1 10 - 25 lb 1 $ 299.99
XE-C731-XHXF 7'3" Extra Heavy Extra-Fast 3/8 - 2 15 - 30 lb 1 $ 299.99




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